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Terms & Conditions

1. Orders are not considered "booked" or place on our calendar until the nonrefundable retainer is received. Once the retainer or payment in full is received, the planning and preparation phase will begin.

2. The invoice will be canceled if not paid on the due date. Orders are not processed or considered a complete order until the retainer/design fee or full payment has been made. There is a 5% FEE incurred if the invoice cancels and the customer requests to have it resent. ***As a courtesy, an automated email reminder will be sent on the due date if not paid prior to the due date. Order balances not paid in FULL by the due date on the invoice forfeits the date and the retainer fee. Orders will not be complete.

3. Orders may be canceled 10 days prior to the order due date minus 40% nonrefundable retainer included in the total and the cost of any items purchased to create your request. If canceled within 10 days of the order due date, no matter when the order was secured, there will be no refund of the retainer or any payments made. You can only change or add to the original design ONCE 10 days prior to the due date.

3a. If your order is placed within 10 days of the order due date, changes can not be made without a 10% penalty. There will be no refund of monies paid or credit for the request to "downsize" the order. If there is a request to increase the order, payment of the difference is due immediately or the request will not be honored.

4. I will attempt to match the colors chosen but when dealing with food there may be a slight color variance. It will be my best effort to complete the color palette you have chosen. I am not responsible for color changes that may occur after the preparation of the food item. I will not copy another artist’s work exactly but will use it as inspiration to give you your own unique item(s).

4a. Under no circumstance will DISCO DUST, LUSTRE DUST, OR GLITTER is used on food items to be consumed. These items are NON-TOXIC but are not meant for human consumption. They may only be used on decorations that are to be removed prior to consumption. Sanding sugar, edible pearls, and ONLY hybrid or sparkle dust that is labeled EDIBLE can be used. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. We take your health and safety very seriously.

5. Once a product leaves my possession, I am not longer responsible for damages, care, or handling that may incur. Driving and handling instructions have been given in writing. It is recommended that all custom cakes 2 tiers and greater be delivered to ensure safe arrival at the event venue. If you have declined the delivery, please be aware that any damage sustained is not the responsibility of Sweet & Elegant Delights, LLC. Repair of damages is subject to availability & will incur a $25 service fee. We will be unable to travel to venues greater than 20 miles to repair damages.

6. All sales are final. Flavor and texture are subjective. Refund requests based on the flavor and the texture will not be honored. We do not offer refunds based on either. Every order is sent through quality testing before completion to ensure we bring you a satisfactory product.

7. Orders requesting a refund after orders are delivered must return all uneaten portions of the product purchased for evaluation, with credit towards future purchases to be used within 60 days.

8. No cash refunds after the delivery date. Flavor and texture are subjective. A refund request based on the flavor or the texture will not be honored. We do not refund based on either. Every order is sent through quality testing before completion to ensure we bring you a satisfactory product.

8a. DO NOT smash cakes or other treats into anyone's face due to the stiffness of the buttercream and possible supports within the items. We are NOT responsible for bodily damages caused by such acts.

9. Sweet & Elegant Delights retains the right to post photographs of orders for advertising purposes and for networking purposes. *Photos will not be posted until AFTER the order has been picked up or delivered. If the items ordered are a surprise, please make us aware and we will delay posting until after the event time. If you do not wish to be tagged in the items, please notify us at the time of pick-up or delivery.

10. I do not provide sketches or previews after your order is in progress, as it is time-consuming and delays the work process. I strive to bring you the best possible product(s) as discussed in your consultation. I will not copy another artist’s work but will use it as inspiration to give you your own unique item(s).

11. For deliveries: Although I strive to deliver orders in a timely, professional manner and as agreed upon, at times there may be incidents beyond our control that could delay delivery, including potholes, accidents, traffic delays, "Acts of God" or other natural disasters. If such an event occurs I will contact you immediately and waive the delivery fee. This also includes you or your representative picking up your order.

12. In the event of a "natural disaster" or an emergency preventing the customer from receiving the order be it delivery or pick-up, a 30% credit will be transferred to a future order occurring within 60 days of the order due date.


12a. In the event of a "natural disaster", emergency, or "Act of God", including a global epidemic, pandemic, endemic, or outbreak requiring the customer to request a change of event date, accommodations will be allowed based on availability. Refunds will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Retainers and the cost of supplies are not refundable and the items are retained by Sweet & Elegant Delights. We understand that this is not the fault of any particular group or person(s), however, as a small business, we have to be able to be sustainable.


12 b. In the event of a nationwide or "state of emergency," that causes events to be canceled or postponed by you or the event coordinator, we will allow rescheduling of the date within 6 months of the event date and based on our calendar availability. Retainer and supply cost refunds are not allowed, however, you will not have to pay a new retainer. There is no penalty or extra fees unless there is a desire to upgrade or increase the original products paid for. If you have a balance due and it is paid by the due date, you are stating that you are continuing with the event on the scheduled date and no credit will be given.

13. In the event of the death of the customer/client, all monies will be refunded minus the 40% retainer fee within 5-10 business days. In case of the death of the owner of Sweet & Elegant Delights, LLC, all monies will be refunded within 60 days of her or his death by the authorized representative.

14. For shippable items: Allow 48 hours for order processing after payment is received. We will do our best to complete orders the same day, however, orders are processed in the order they are received.

14a. For the health and safety of all, NO RETURNS are accepted. We have no control over ANY of the delivery systems other than what is reported to us via the tracking information which is the same information received to your email via 3rd parties Stamps. We accept no responsibility for delayed, lost, or stolen packages. It is the customer's responsibility to file a claim with the post office to receive compensation.

14b. Please be sure to read and follow the consumption guidelines provided with each order/item.

****ALL Wedding Cake orders require a $200 non-refundable Save-the-Date retainer****

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