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Menu & Pricing

Curated Flavors Combinations

We're proudly offering flavor profiles curated to make decisions easier paired with the perfect fillings with our signature vanilla buttercream.

Nothing but Vanilla~ soft vanilla cake with our signature vanilla buttercream

Vanilla & Berries~  our signature vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberry filling

Strawberry Dreams~ strawberry cake with strawberry filling covered with our signature vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Lovers~ chocolate cake with fudge chocolate ganache and oreo filling with chocolate buttercream (the oreo filling can be omitted)

Zesty Lemon- lemon cake with fresh lemon, zest lemon curd filling, and  our signature vanilla buttercream

A Bride's Dream~ traditional almond cake with fresh raspberry filling and our signature vanilla buttercream

Southern Red Velvet & VaNilla~ velvety red velvet alternating with soft vanilla cake layers, filled with vanilla bean buttercream

Cinnamon Cookie Butter~ vanilla cake with crushed cookie pieces, caramel, filled with cookie butter buttercream 

Buttery Pecan~ butter pecan cake with pecans, caramel, and vanilla bean buttercream filling

Zebra Marble ~ vanilla cake with fudge chocolate cake striped within the vanilla, filled with vanilla buttercream

We DO NOT create drug-related or alcohol-themed cakes/cupcakes. 

We also, DO NOT offer pornography-related cakes/cupcakes.  We do NOT offer fondant-covered cakes.

Custom & Wedding Cakes

Single Tier custom cakes start at $180 for single tiers.  The servings below are for general idea.

6"- 15- 20 servings

7"- 20-25 servings

8"- 25- 30 servings

2 tier cakes start at $225 based on design and decorations.  The servings below are for general idea.

4"/6"- 20-25 servings

5"/7"- 20-30 servings

6"/8"- 35-45 servings

Additional tiers will increase the final cost.

Each tier is 4 layers with a cutting guide provided with pick up or on delivery.

Base pricing includes an all-buttercream design, fresh or faux florals, and a topper.  The final pricing is based on details & design elements.

***For wedding consultation/tastings

Tasting boxes only are available under the tab below.  However virtual consultations are available for weddings only.

Please use the Wedding Cake Consultation tab to schedule (for weddings only)


Luxe Treats

Smash cakes are ONLY available with the purchase of a cake or cupcakes.

Dessert Shooters

$125 per 2 dozen minimum, 1 flavor per 2 dozen


Strawberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake with whipped topping
Banana  Pudding
Cookie Butter
Chocolate & cookie filling
Lemon & lemon curd
Carrot Cake
Strawberry Shortcake


Minimum 2 dozen to order unless accompanied by a cake, 1 flavor per dozen


Standard Cupcakes - $45 per dozen with basic buttercream and luxe sprinkles

Luxe Cupcakes customized with toppers, florals, and edible images -$60 per dozen

Mini cupcakes-

3 dozen minimum order- 1 flavor only

$90 with basic buttercream and sprinkles

$120 customized with a design

    (fondant, edible images, etc)

Specialty Items

6" Heart Cake- 10- 15 servings - $155

8" Heart Cake- 15- 20 servings- $185

**The vintage heart cakes are 2 layers**

Number Cakes- Small (12")- 2 layers

Single number serves approx 15-  $175

Double number- serves approx 25- $290

Number Cakes- Large (14")- 2layers

Single number serves approx 20- $195

Double number serves approx 35- $350


Do You Need More Help?

We're looking forward to chat with you. Click the button below to contact us directly and we'll be happy to respond quickly and help you.

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