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Menu & Pricing

List Of Flavors

We're proudly offering different types of flavors so that you're getting what will make your events more sweet and fun.

Basic Cake Flavors

  • Butter Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Marble

  • Lemon

  • Confetti/Funfetti

Premium Flavors

(Add an additional $15 to the order)

  • Cookie Butter (Biscoff flavor)

  • Red Velvet w/cream cheese flavored filling

  • Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese flavored filling

  • Almond Wedding Flavor

  • Butter Pecan

Filling Flavors

(Add an additional $10 per flavor to the order)

  • Cream cheese flavor

  • Lemon

  • Red Raspberry

  • Strawberry

  • Pineapple

I DO NOT create drug-related or alcohol-themed cakes/cupcakes. Cakes and baked desserts can be infused with alcohol as a baking ingredient for an additional cost.

Rush Fee applied to all custom orders with less than 2 weeks advance notice.

Pricing Guide

Celebration Cakes

Custom buttercream celebration cakes start at $170 for single tiers with a minimum serving size of 20.


Custom celebration cakes 2 or more tiers start at $255 and up based on design and decorations with a minimum

serving size of 30.

Wedding cakes start at $425 for serving sizes of 50 or more.


***Wedding cake tastings~$45***

Please use the Wedding Cake Consultation tab to schedule

(for weddings only)


Minimum 2 dozen to order unless accompanied by a cake,

1 flavor per dozen


Cupcakes are $40 per dozen with basic buttercream and sprinkles.


Cupcakes with custom paper toppers or edible images are $55 per dozen


Gourmet flavored cupcakes are $65 per dozen.


Smash cakes are ONLY available with

cake or cupcakes valued at $40 or more

Basic Flavors
*5” 2-layer round SMASH cake only~ $45 

*6" 2-layer round SMASH cake for cake photoshoot~$55

Any customized is an additional $15



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