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Downloadable PDF.  These are terms and conditions in contract form.  


This contract includes information between you and your client, including payment requirements, cake servings, your responsibility to them, their understanding of refunds and credits as well as if cancellation is required or requested.   


Once you and your client signs and returns it, it becomes binding and honorable.



Nothing will be shipped to you.



Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be legal advice.  

Contract also known as Terms and Conditions

Excluding Sales Tax
  • By purchasing the class, you agree to the following...


    Although the information shared is not proprietary, reselling and self-recording of content and information shared by way of course materials is prohibited.

  • I suggest filling in the blanks with the pertinent information that is routine such as percentages, business name, time frames, etc.

    Then save a copy to be used for each customer.  This contract can be also abbreviated and used as terms and conditions on your invoice.

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